Frequently Asked Questions

How much is membership, and what do I get?

Membership is $55 per annum, plus a once off $20 nomination fee for your first year. You will recieve a t-shirt when you join, and a membership card, club membership sticker for your vehicle, and access to all club documents including calendar of events, newsletters, etc.

How often are events held?

We hold between three and five official club events per month, including a monthly meeting. We are often invited to other W.A. motoring club events.

What type of events do you organise?

A sample of events we have undertaken: Day and night cruises (including country and city based), weekends away, bowling, dinners and lunches (including catered parties and BBQ's), drag racing, movie nights (including theatre and drive-in), car shows, interclub events, interstate events (including Holden factory tours, and Monaro "Nationals"), go-karting, busy-bee weekends, etc... We are one of the most active car clubs in WA, and are open to any suggestions for events.

How many members do you have?

We currently have in excess of 150 financial members.

Do I need to own a Monaro to join?

No, all we ask is that you have a keen interest in Monaro's in general.

Are you able to source a Monaro for me?

No. We receive way too many emails to assist anyone in locating a vehicle. However, if you do find a vehicle that requires authentication, we will be happy to assist. Most club members sell their vehicles on to other club members, so it really does pay to join prior to finding your dream car.

I am looking at buying a Monaro, how can I tell if it is geniune?

Please email or write to our Librarian/Historian, listed on the contact page.

I have a Monaro/parts for sale, can you advertise them for me to your members?

Yes. We offer this as a free service for vehicles or parts that are specifically Monaro based. Eg: a GTS dash, or pair of seats is acceptable, but a set of Commodore rims is not (this includes 'vanity' style number plates). Financial members may advertise their parts or vehicles regardless of make or model.

I would like to sponsor the Monaro Car Club of WA, what should I do?

Please email or write to our secretary listed on the contact page.

We would like to enlist the support of the Monaro Car Club, for a charity/fund raising event, what should we do?

Please email or write to our secretary listed on the contact page.

We are getting married soon, and would like to arrive in a Monaro, can you organise this?

No. Insurance costs are extremely high for this type of function, and it is illegal to offer a limousine service without the proper licenses.

Is the club covered by Public Liabilty Insurance?

Yes! All members and committee are covered for any public liability accidents and claims whilst under the direction of the club. Non-financial members are not covered by this policy.

Can I buy a t-shirt/jacket?

Our club clothing is only available to members and their families.

What types of membership do you offer?

We only offer one type of membership: Family. This covers the owner of the vehicle, and all immediate family or defacto partners living under the same roof. We do not offer a newsletter only membership. Only one vote per membership will be AGM's or other meetings throughout the year.

How are your newsletters delivered, and how often are they released?

We send newsletters in "Adobe PDF" format, via email, every two months. Members who do not have email access recieve the newsletters in a photocopied format.

Can you please tell me the password to the latest newsletters, and secure sections of this website?

Passwords are available to all financial members.

I would like to attend an event to see if the Monaro Car Club of WA is the type of club I wish to join, how can I find out about your next event?

Please email or call us. Details are on the contact page or the events page.

Do you offer "Club Rego" to allow me cheaper registration on my vehicle?

No. Given the restrictive nature of the club registration system, the requirement of annual vehicle inspections, club inspectors liabilities and duty of care, versus the limited usage rulings and discount offered, it was decided we would not offer this service. Your vehicle MUST be 100% factory original to qualify, and fact is very few cars do. It is upon the inspectors shoulders if a vehicle does not comply, even AFTER the inspection has been done. We may offer this service in the future.