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Model: HQ GTS Monaro Sedan 

Des Huxtable

Motor: Original 308 V8 Built to L34 Specs
Carby : Holley 650
Ignition : Electric Dizzy 
Exhaust : HPC Pacemaker 4 into 1 Extractors with 2 1/2" pipes
Radiator : Alloy Twin Thermo Fan 

Drive Line
Gearbox : Trimaic Tricked Up
Shifter : Factory T Bar
Diff : 9" 3:50 Ratio
Steering : Power Rack and Pinion
Brakes : Front Disc and Rear Drum as per factory spec

Front : Original HQ GTS Rims 14” x 6” Tyres Pirelli P6000 215’s
Rear : Original HQ GTS Rims 14” x 6” Tyres Pirelli P6000 215’s

Paint : Orchid Metallic and Warringal Black (original colour scheme)
Trim : Black

Purchased : January 2006

Fitted from the factory with an Electric Sunroof
LS Monaro Twin Head Lights.

Model: HQ

Owner: Larry Collisson

383 Chevrolet- Built by Larsil Engineering
400 Hp
Block: Detroit Police Cruiser-  010 - 350 2 bolt with Nascar girdle plate
Heads : Edelbrock Performer- Rated to 500hp
Crank : 400- Scat
Cam: Crane Cam 975902 Duration: 260 Lift: 0.555
Inlet manifold: Edelbrock Tunnel ram
Carby: 2x Holley 465 fed by HV Fuel Pump
Exhaust: Pacemaker Extractors with 4in collector into 2 inch syst.

Drive Line
Transmission: TH400- Stage 2 Shift Kit, 3500 rpm stall converter
Diff : 9" 3.5 Ratio LSD with Steel Hat. Build by Larsil Engineering.
Brakes : Four Wheel Disc

Paint : Chrome Yellow

Std GTS interior re-trimmed in velour

Rear: Dragway Indies- Custom built 14x 10 inch by Larsil Engineering. 265/60
Front: Dragway indies- 14 x 8 inch. 225/60

Model: HJ GTS Monaro Sedan

Owner: Tom Kaselas

Motor: QT High Compression 308 stroked to 355
Ignition : ICE
Exhaust : Ceramic coated extractors 2.5" twin system
Radiator : Aussie Dessert Cooler withtwin thermo fans

Drive Line
Gearbox : VS Commodore 5 Speed
Diff : 9"
Brakes : Four Wheel Disc

Paint : Porsche 1982 Indichrot Red