Concessional Licensing

The Monaro Car Club of WA Offers both Concession for Classics (C4C) – 75% off your Annual Rego and Code 404 Concessional Licensing. You do not need to own a Monaro to join our club or claim C4C from us. We will only accept Code 404 applications for Monaro’s.


For this scheme, the vehicle (Car, Motor Bike or Trailer) must be Pre 1990. You must be a member of a club like us and apply using the web form we provide you after you have joined. This is then approved by the club and sent back to you to send off to the Department of Transport.

This Scheme provides you with 90 days (60 club use and 30 private use) to drive the car. You use this with our club APP on your smart phone – this must be used to record your trips. We do not allow paper logbooks.

There are no inspections for the cars, but you must maintain your financial status with the club to retain your discount. The vehicle must have a “RESTRICED USE” sticker affixed to ONE number plate.

Code 404

This scheme is for unmodified vehicles older than 25 years and must be inspected by the club before we provide the forms for you to complete. This provides even more of a discount, but the car can only be used for:

  • Advertised Club Events (On the WASMA App)
  • Impromptu run (recorded in the WASMA App)
  • Test and Tune runs (also to be recorded in the app)

A Code 404 Vehicle must have a ‘HISTORIC’ Identifier tag. An identifier label must be displayed
on both the front and rear of a motor vehicle.

Vehicle license duty (stamp duty) is not payable on a vehicle that is licensed with a 404 Concession code when transferring ownership to or from another club member, or on first time club concessional licensing.

Next steps are to join the club, pay your membership and then you will be sent the relevant forms.

For more information on the process or either of these schemes please call the club on 0405 801 350.